Crusader Marine Engines
305XL, 350XL and 350XL-HT

For power, reliability and economy, the new Crusader 305XL, 350XL and 350XL-HT inboards have set new standards for small block performance and application versatility.

Fully wired to accept Crusader's new MSTS computerized engine management system, the standard 305XL, 350XL and 350XL-HT feature an equipment list that redefines the small-block gas inboard, including a recalibrated carburetor for more efficient fuel flow; easy-to-service belt adjustment; a unique center manifold design that provides the most efficient exhaust flow in the industry; and much more. And the 350XL-HT, with its roller cam design and high-performing Holley 4010 carburetor outputs an imposing 265 horsepower ~ 4400 rpm...6% greater than the 350XL!

And when installed with optional MSTS, each of these engine packages maintain maximum horsepower output with optimum fuel efficiency at every rpm, under all operating conditions. A 5000 rpm limiter also prevents potential overrevving damage while exceptional spark regulation averts damage from unwelcome detonation.

Models 305XL, 350XL and 350XL-HT. Leading the pack with new standards in mid-size V8 performance...only from the most experience manufacturer of gas inboard power in the world.

Model 305XL 350XL 350XL-H.T.
Cylinders V8 V8 V8
Bore 95.60 mm (3.74 in) 101.60 mm (4.00 in) 101.60 mm (4.00 in)
Stroke 88.39 mm (3.48 in) 88.39 mm (3.48 in) 88.39 mm (3.48 in)
Displacement lit. (cu in) 5.0 liter (305 c.i.d.) 5.7 liter (350 c.i.d.) 5.7 liter (350 c.i.d.)
Compression 9.1:1 9.1:1 9.1:1
Electrical system 12V negative ground w/ 50 amp alternator 12V negative ground w/ 50 amp alternator 12V negative ground w/ 50 amp alternator
Engine rotation Left Hand and Right Hand Left Hand Only Left Hand Only
Weight 880 lbs. (399.2Kg) -
Direct Drive
880 lbs. (399.2Kg) -
Direct Drive
880 lbs. (399.2Kg) -
Direct Drive
Maximum hp* 220 (164.06 Kw) @ 4400 rpm 250 (186.43 Kw) @ 4400 rpm 265 (197.61 Kw) @ 4400 rpm

*Horsepower is now rated at the prop shaft in compliance with industry standards, SAEJ1228.

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