Marine Power was the first marine engine manufacturer to introduce Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in the SportPac engine line.  SportPacs come with a long list of standard features and backed with an impressive Limited 2 year warranty.  From the instant you turn the key, you'll be amazed by the benefits of Marine Power SportPacs.
Dual Remote Oil Filters
Marine Power's trademark originating from our commercial days.  Increased oil capacity and  filtration while maintaining a lower pressure drop across the filter circuit.  Mounted vertically for easier maintenance.
oilfilters.gif (16231 bytes)
drivebelt.gif (23551 bytes) Dual Alternator Drive Belt
Another Marine Power trademark from the commercial engines.  Dual belts gave the fisherman comfort while pushing those "wing nets" all night long with big spotlights.  The dual belt drive provides an extra measure of security on the high seas.
Crankshaft Driven Seawater Pump
This high capacity seawater pump has no belt to break.  The accessibility is a major benefit to inboard owners.  The impeller can be changed with ease.
seawaterpump.gif (16164 bytes)
steelparts.gif (14626 bytes) Lightweight Alloys
Marine Power users the more expensive lightweight alloys wherever possible.   Every boat owner knows less weight means less fuel use with more speed.
State of the Art Fresh Water cooling System
Marine Power's most popular option engineered as a compliment to the engine rather than an add-on.
fuelinjection.gif (14359 bytes)
stainless.gif (13735 bytes) Stainless Steel
The Marine Power SportPac engine is designed with salt water applications in mind.   Marine Power uses only stainless steel trunion mount pins for easier adjustment.   Additionally, stainless steel fasteners are used in service locations where appropriate for easier maintenance after years of service.


Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
blueball.gif (527 bytes)DELCO Electronic Ignition
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Heavy Duty 55 Amp Alternator
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Engine Mounts
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Plastisol Oil Pan
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Superior quality corrosion resistant urethane paint
blueball.gif (527 bytes)High capacity seawater pump package
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Weather Cover
blueball.gif (527 bytes)High Torque Starter - Top Mounted - Relay Assisted
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Engine Oil Cooler
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Dual Remote Oil System
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Center Rise Manifolds
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Holley or Quadrajet Carburetor
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Dual Alternator Belts
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Flame Arrestor
blueball.gif (527 bytes)50 Amp Circuit Breaker
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Engine Wiring Harness
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Fuel / Water separator
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Bi-directional Dipstick & Tube w/oil drain fitting (V-8)
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Drain Fitting
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Brass Fittings
Note:  181 does not include top mount starter, dual alternator 
belts, fuel separator, seawater pump, remote oil system or oil cooler.


blueball.gif (527 bytes)Electronic Fuel Injection
 (Throttle Body or Multi Port Fuel Injection)
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Fresh Water Cooling
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Hurth or Borg Warner transmission
blueball.gif (527 bytes)3" or  6" Exhaust Spacers
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Alarm System
blueball.gif (527 bytes)4" Exhaust Risers
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Instrument Panel
blueball.gif (527 bytes)Performance Manifolds
blueball.gif (527 bytes)High Capacity Cast Aluminum Oil Pan
*Note: Not all options are available on all engine models. 
Contact your nearest Marine Power dealer for specific 
engine model options.  Marine Power reserves the right
to make continuous product improvements without notice
or liability.  OEM models may differ slightly.
Engine Model
2 Year Warranty Pleasurecraft
1 Year Warranty Commercial


Bobtail Left Hand Rotation $6,725 $ 7,440 $12,350 $ 12,105 $ 13,517
Bobtail Right Hand Rotation N/A $8,807 $13,770 N/A N/A
W/Hurth 450A $2,580 $ 2,580   N/A N/A
W/Hurth 630A   $2,790 $2,790 $ 2,790 $ 2,790
W/Velvet Drive 71/72
1.5, 1.88* 2.5, 3.0
$4,200 $ 4,200 $4,200 $ 4,200 $ 4,200
W/Velvet Drive 5000
1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 2.8
$3,900 $ 3,900 $3,900 $ 3,900 $ 3,900
Fresh Water Cooling
Front Mount
$975 $ 975 $1,060 Standard Standard
Fresh Water Cooling
Rear Mount (N/A w/EFI)
N/A $ 1,100   N/A N/A
Electronic Fuel Injection
Multi Port- (MPI)
N/A $ 1,360   Standard Standard
Alarm System   $ 100   $ 100 $ 100
Cast Aluminum Oil Pan   Call   Standard Standard
**Marine Power Multi Port Injection with DELCO Spark and Fuel Management

Inbound Freight on Sportpac Engines   $150.00
All Marine Power engines have a two (2) Year Limited Warranty for Pleasure craft and a One (1) Year Limited Warranty for Commercial/Charter Use.


Engine Series Specifications